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» Laptop Battery » Oneda New Laptop Battery for ThinkPad R50E 08K8194 [Li-ion 6-cell 4400mAh]

Oneda New Laptop Battery for ThinkPad R50E 08K8194 [Li-ion 6-cell 4400mAh]

Brand: Oneda Type:Li-ion Model:AIB0209-6 Voltage(V):10.8V Capacity:4400mAh Cells QTY:6 Cell Dimension:205.3*59.1*21.1mm Weight:3……

  • Product Specification

    Type Li-ion
    Model AIB0209-6
    Voltage(V) 10.8V
    Capacity 4400mAh
    Cells QTY 6 Cell
    Dimension 205.3*59.1*21.1mm
    Weight 313g
    Color Black
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    United Kingdom United States Germany Japan Taiwan Hongkong
  • Product Details
  • Brand: Oneda





    Cells QTY:6 Cell





    Replacement For:
























    ASM 08K8192

    ASM 08K8196

    ASM 08K8197

    ASM 08K8198

    ASM 08K8199

    ASM 92P1064

    ASM 92P1076

    FRU 08K8193

    FRU 08K8195

    FRU 08K8198

    FRU 08K8201

    FRU 08K8214

    FRU 92P1069

    FRU 92P1073

    FRU 92P1077


    Fit Machine Models:

    ThinkPad R50 1831

    ThinkPad R50 1832

    ThinkPad R50 1833

    ThinkPad R50 1836

    ThinkPad R50 1840

    ThinkPad R50 1841

    ThinkPad R50 2883

    ThinkPad R50 2887

    ThinkPad R50 2888

    ThinkPad R50 2889

    ThinkPad R50 2894

    ThinkPad R50 2895

    ThinkPad R50 Series

    ThinkPad R50-1829

    ThinkPad R50-1830

    ThinkPad R50E

    ThinkPad R50e 2670

    ThinkPad R50E-1834

    ThinkPad R50E-1842

    ThinkPad R50e-1844

    ThinkPad R50e-1845

    ThinkPad R50e-1846

    ThinkPad R50e-1847

    ThinkPad R50e-1848

    ThinkPad R50e-1849

    ThinkPad R50e-1850

    ThinkPad R50e-1858

    ThinkPad R50e-1859

    ThinkPad R50e-1860

    ThinkPad R50e-1862

    ThinkPad R50e-1863

    ThinkPad R50e-1870

    ThinkPad R50P

    ThinkPad R50p 1829

    ThinkPad R50p 1830

    ThinkPad R50p 1831

    ThinkPad R50p 1832

    ThinkPad R50p 1833

    ThinkPad R50p 1840

    ThinkPad R50p 1841

    ThinkPad R50p 2883

    ThinkPad R50p 2887

    ThinkPad R50p 2888

    ThinkPad R50p 2889

    ThinkPad R50p 2894

    ThinkPad R50p 2895

    ThinkPad R50p1836

    ThinkPad R51 1829

    ThinkPad R51 1832

    ThinkPad R51 1833

    ThinkPad R51 1840

    ThinkPad R51 1841

    ThinkPad R51 2894

    ThinkPad R51 2895

    ThinkPad R51 Series

    ThinkPad R51-1830

    ThinkPad R51-1831

    ThinkPad R51-1836

    ThinkPad R51-2883

    ThinkPad R51-2887

    ThinkPad R51-2888

    ThinkPad R51-2889

    ThinkPad R51e 1843

    ThinkPad R51e 1844

    ThinkPad R51e-1834

    ThinkPad R51e-1842

    ThinkPad R51e-1845

    ThinkPad R51e-1846

    ThinkPad R51e-1847

    ThinkPad R51e-1848

    ThinkPad R51e-1849

    ThinkPad R51e-1850

    ThinkPad R51e-1858

    ThinkPad R51e-1859

    ThinkPad R51e-1860

    ThinkPad R51e-1861

    ThinkPad R51e-1862

    ThinkPad R51e-1863

    ThinkPad R51e-1870

    ThinkPad R52 1843

    ThinkPad R52 1844

    ThinkPad R52 1845

    ThinkPad R52 1850

    ThinkPad R52 1854

    ThinkPad R52 1862

    ThinkPad R52 1863

    ThinkPad R52 1870

    ThinkPad R52 Series

    ThinkPad R52-1846

    ThinkPad R52-1847

    ThinkPad R52-1848

    ThinkPad R52-1849

    ThinkPad R52-1858

    ThinkPad R52-1859

    ThinkPad R52-1860

    ThinkPad R52-1861

    ThinkPad T40 2375

    ThinkPad T40 2376

    ThinkPad T40 2378

    ThinkPad T40 2379

    ThinkPad T40 2668

    ThinkPad T40 2669

    ThinkPad T40 2678

    ThinkPad T40 2679

    ThinkPad T40 2686

    ThinkPad T40 2687

    ThinkPad T40 Series

    ThinkPad T40-2373

    ThinkPad T40-2374

    ThinkPad T40P

    ThinkPad T40p 2373

    ThinkPad T40p 2374

    ThinkPad T40p 2375

    ThinkPad T40p 2376

    ThinkPad T40p 2378

    ThinkPad T40p 2379

    ThinkPad T40p 2668

    ThinkPad T40p 2669

    ThinkPad T40p 2678

    ThinkPad T40p 2679

    ThinkPad T40p 2686

    ThinkPad T40p 2687

    ThinkPad T41 2373

    ThinkPad T41 2374

    ThinkPad T41 2375

    ThinkPad T41 2376

    ThinkPad T41 2378

    ThinkPad T41 2379

    ThinkPad T41 2668

    ThinkPad T41 2669

    ThinkPad T41 2678

    ThinkPad T41 2679

    ThinkPad T41 2686

    ThinkPad T41 2687

    ThinkPad T41 Series

    ThinkPad T41P

    ThinkPad T41p 2373

    ThinkPad T41p 2374

    ThinkPad T41p 2375

    ThinkPad T41p 2376

    ThinkPad T41p 2378

    ThinkPad T41p 2379

    ThinkPad T41p 2668

    ThinkPad T41p 2669

    ThinkPad T41p 2678

    ThinkPad T41p 2679

    ThinkPad T41p 2686

    ThinkPad T41p 2687

    ThinkPad T42

    ThinkPad T42 2373

    ThinkPad T42 2374

    ThinkPad T42 2375

    ThinkPad T42 2376

    ThinkPad T42 2378

    ThinkPad T42 2379

    ThinkPad T42 2668

    ThinkPad T42 2669

    ThinkPad T42 2678

    ThinkPad T42 2679

    ThinkPad T42 2686

    ThinkPad T42 2687

    ThinkPad T42 Series

    Thinkpad T42-2373

    ThinkPad T43 1871

    ThinkPad T43 2668

    ThinkPad T43 Series

    ThinkPad T43-1876

    ThinkPad T43P

    ThinkPad T43P-2668


    Package Contents:

    – 1 * Laptop battery

    – 1 * User Guide


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