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Environmental policy

Oneda announce that we are no environmental constraints to create a mobile power in the world, a "steady stream" of the world. In this world, whether it is a digital camera, camcorder, laptop, or mobile phone, anytime, anywhere easy to use mobile power, people's quality of life and thus greatly enhance production efficiency, global resources will be more fully utilized.



Adhering to the "build human whole environmental Laptop Power World" vision, Oneda will focus on the development, production and provide a superior environmental performance of products and services, enabling customers to minimize the environmental impact.



This means that we will:

• Ensure that all employees are aware of environmental issues, with environmental awareness, and then to continue to improve the environment, prevent environmental pollution, protect green earth mission.

• The life cycle assessment program as a method for determining significant environmental impact, and convey basic Oneda processes, products and services environmental performance.

• the use of "green design" strategy, control and Oneda products and services related to material flow and energy flow.

• Work with supply chain vendors, products and processes to ensure environmental control sources of raw materials.

• Active convey the progress of environmental protection work to internal and external stakeholders.

• meet or exceed the legal requirements and other requirements to protect the environment.



Oneda Environmental Declaration:

Aiming to protect the global environment as a mission of high-tech enterprises, Oneda will be at each stage of business activity, both for the protection of human health and the global environment positive efforts and struggle in the forefront of environmental protection.

The following are all of our employees to follow guidelines:

① We all aspects of product development, production, sales, service, waste and other life cycle, efforts done reuse of materials and resources and energy savings.

② We will reduce waste and pollutants generated at all stages of the product life cycle to a minimum, and strict implementation process.

③ We are an enterprise, but also the Earth one. We recognize that efforts to safeguard human health and protect the global environment is an important task, and to carry out positive activities.

④ We recognize the impact of corporate activities on local people's health and society, in order to obtain the health of all mankind life and work.



As international company committed to environmental protection, Oneda to "Oneda Environmental Declaration" for the purpose, vigorously develop many new environmental technology and apply it Oneda's mainstay products – notebook batteries, digital battery and general battery products. Serve to create a clean sky for mankind and the earth.


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